Why Vkfilter?

  • Constant research and development to ensure a
    fast to market approach with new filters
  • Industry-leading online catalogue giving access to
    OEM level accuracy,selecting the correct filter first
    time,every time
  • All filters are designed and manufactured to meet
    OE standards,and undergo stringent and regular
    quality checking
  • 20 years of experience in the automotive
    aftermarket and part of the world-wide bilstein

  • Extensive range of over 2,000 filtration components.

    Vkfilter provides the automotive aftermarket with an exceptional offer of oil, air, fuel and cabin filters.

    Engines rely on clean oil circulating under pressure to prevent metal-to-metal contact of bearings and cam gear.The oil also aids cooling by carrying heat away from the pistion,cylinders and turbochargers.

    Microscopic wear particles,dust and soot from combustion must be filtered out to prevent them being embedded in the bearing surfaces and increasing engine wear.Regular oil and filter changes prolong the life of the engine.A quality filter must have the capacity and efficiency to protect the engine between the ectended service intervals of a modern motor vehicle.
    Air filters remove particles from the air before they get into the engine.
    On average,an air filter deala with approximately 10,000 litres of air for every one litre of fuel burned and particle sizes can vary from visible granules of grit and sand to microscopic soot particles,tyre rubber and brake dust.

    Poor intake air filtration allows contaminants to enter the engine's combustion area,resulting in increased wear of pistons,rings,cylinder walls and valves.

    Contamination can also get past the piston rings and into the engine oil reducing the serviceable life of the oil filter.
    Modern petrol and diesel fuel systems contain the most accurately engineered components in the engine.They are manufactured to tolerances of just two microns and are put under massive loads.

    Fuel not only burns to make power,but in the case of a diesel engine,it also iubricates the moving parts in the pump and injectors.

    A fuel tank can contain particulates and water,so the fuel filter must be manufactured with media of the correct type and quality to stop these impurities from reaching and damaging the precision injection components.
    Cabin filters,also referred to as pollen filters,remove almost all airborne pollutants before they can be drawn into the passenger compartment.This includes dirt and dust,pollens vehicle exhaust emission sulphur dioxide,soot,tyre rubber,brake dust and other harmful substances.

    In addition to particle filtration,the addition of activated charcoal in some filters can remove gases and odours.

    Once considered a luxury,the cabin filter has become a necessity for an increasing number of motorists and their passengers who may suffer from asthma,allergies,or other respiratiry problems.